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Located on the coast of North Carolina, Brunswick county is by far the worst place to live. It's filled with lowlifes, drug addicts, pregnant 12 year-olds, and over-religious bitches.

There's nothing to do there, so you better hope that you have enough gas money to get you to either Wilmington, North Carolina, or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

People are so bored with their lives that they spend everyday on myspace, and they come up with new ideas to start crap with people. The more drama the better. they feed off of it.

All the good people there are hidden beneath all the fuck ups. You'll be lucky to find at least one true friend.

Good luck trying to dress the way you want to too. It's all about the "trends" there. If one person has their lip pierced, you "can't" get it. it's "copying." Brunswick County residents like to make every little thing a competition...the place is so small, and everyone knows everyone, that if you even look a little bit similar to them, they have a total and complete bitch fit.

Boys all follow trends too; but mainly it's all about getting certain tattoos, and certain piercings, listening to whatever band is popular, and wearing all the "cool" band merch.

1)if one guy starts to shave his head, make sure you do too! or else you will be a loser.
2)"god-free is the way to be. DON'T FORGET! stop going to church, change your religion to be like everyone else!
3)"fuck straight-edge." smoke blunts "errrday" and ruin your life. it's the cool thing to do.

girls all follow trends of dating the same guys once their other friend is done with him. friends sleep with eachother's exes, and then they all swap boyfriends and girlfriends again.

Brunswick Countyians are all suffering from huge, major psychological disorders, and since their families are messed up too, no one even realizes that they need help.

it's the worst possible place to live, ever.

be warned!
because if you enter, you may never escape.
Tim: "hey! i heard Cynthia caught an STD."
Jack: "oh dude, for real? that's messed up. she was probably spending another weekend in Brunswick County."
Tim: "yeah, probably. shits' spreadin like wild-fire there."
Jack: "for real."
by xj_simmonsx November 15, 2008
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