Damn her nose is big just like Bruno massaros girl
by 🐨 Koala May 23, 2022
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A grumpy, stubby, red-dick, hairless, no cow milking, squanch mating creature residing in the small town of Valley Ford, Ca.
What’s wrong with that guys red penis dad?
He most definitely is a Bruno Moreda son.
by Trumpfux December 27, 2019
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Take care of something with minimal effort barely reaching criteria.
Andrew was supposed to care care of my plants during my absence! Through the whole week, he just came once and watered them with some water. He basically did bruno out them!
by ptcmazur October 19, 2021
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A man on a mission. Big forehead, track star, yah dun kno, affiliated with the Gucci gang , has girls such as ed and lizette. Can do your homework.
Bruno Romani freed the gorillas at the zoo because they had a connection.
by BickbicholasB December 3, 2017
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A “friend” of Bruno.
Who is actually not a friend.
They are lovers.
Bruno is gay.
Yes Bruno you are gay.
Person 1: omg look it’s Brunos friend!
Person 2: oh yes, they are very good friends;)
by I.am.not.saga May 9, 2022
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A sweet guy, who likes video games and movies. He always wanted to start a YouTube channel, and at one point does. He will maybe never get a girlfriend but he has vidoe games, his bros and movies!
Adam Bruno I so cool

Adam Bruno is a DORK

Adam Bruno is weird :(
by IRekturping November 24, 2021
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She is truly a one of a kind, someone who is indescribable by just issuing adjectives. Christina Bruno is so talented, gorgeous, exotic, loving, caring and all around just a perfect person. I don’t know what anyone would be able to do without her loving affection whenever they are down. She is so sweet and cares for everyone first before herself. This is only a small portion to the description but I don’t believe anyone reading this can be deemed worthy of reading the rest.
Wow look how perfect Christina Bruno is!
by Gorgeous, Perfect, Exotic September 14, 2019
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