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noun. A sexual act involving the tasting and consumption of hardened feces in and around the anus. One partner takes a shit and refrains from wiping, causing the drying and hardening of the feces. Once the shit is crunchy, the other partner proceeds to toss the salad.

verb. To toss someone's salad with the intention of tasting and consuming their crunchy feces.

Inspired by Coco-Puffs "Brownie Crunch".
Last night I took a massive dump and forgot to wipe. After watching Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, I was ready to receive a brownie crunch.

I walked in on my wife shitting out her Chipotle burrito. I grabbed her, tied her to a lawn chair face down, and after 45 minutes in direct sunlight, she was ready for me to brownie crunch the fuck out of her.
by tptapt October 05, 2011
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