The act of moistening one's finger with one's own poop by inserting it in the rectum. Then inserting said finger into another's ear canal.
Hey, why give a wet willie when you can do a brown willie instead? It lasts longer.
by Sticka June 9, 2009
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Just like a wet willy, but you stick your finger in your butthole first.
Maze gave Jon a brown willy, after he broke the rules of masturbation night.
by Datskiffdoe July 9, 2009
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when having anal sex doggystyle, you proceed to donkey punch your partner, then pull your penis out of their ass and stick it in their ear
While having sex with some freak< tony decided to give her a brown willy instead of a dirty sanchez.
by dirty bonz November 6, 2006
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at the Quebec customs we were afraid the Frenchies were gonna give us brown willies
by Leia Nelson May 24, 2005
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when you take a turd (long shit) and let your girlfriend play with it during sex
I'm putting the Brown Willis in the condom for sex later
by clyons55 March 19, 2014
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It is the act of inserting your finger in your ass and then inserting it in someone elses ear like a wet willy.
I Brown Willy my pal when im sas
by Smudgehat April 23, 2011
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(n.)- A name used to describe a man's penis after anal sex, because the tip of the penis is covered in feces.
Damn, the brown-nosed willie Jennifer gave me last night smells!
by Max Bluntoff April 9, 2006
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