Brown Eyed Girls are a girl Korean pop crew.

Crew: Narsha, Ga-In, Jea, Miyro.
Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls is awesome so is Sign!
by BrownEyedGirlsFan! May 26, 2010
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1) An act in which a heterosexual couple performs anal sex. Afterward, the male wipes his feces-covered penis over the eyes of his partner. Hence, the term "brown eyed."

2) A girl who has recently experienced the "Brown eyed girl."
-My boyfriend gave me the brown eyed girl, so I couldn't see while crossing the street.

-I gave her the brown eyed girl, because I couldn't find any toilet paper.

-Some people call the brown eyed girl an art medium, but experts argue that it is merely a method of genital hygiene.
by Wheaties_ftw March 17, 2010
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Pertaining to a person of the female gender, existing with peculiar facial features. These features include sphinxters for eyes, a penis nose, pertruding from the face, and a sideways vagina as a mouth. The top of the head in covered in pubes, as opposed to actual hair, and typically, little or no dialogue is spoken.
Wow, I wish I was a brown eyed girl. I would be able to insert my nose penis into either; one of my sphinxter eyes of my vagina mouth. That would be the life, I'd never leave the house!
by Roofus the Stunt Bum March 9, 2008
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When a lover removes his anus and touches it to his significant-other's forehead. This ritual can be done either out of love or aggression. A little known fact is that this ritual inspired Van Morrison to write a song with it's namesake.
My girlfriend was being annoying so I gave her the "Kiss Of The Brown-Eyed Girl"
by DaBrochachos July 8, 2019
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