A day used for celebrating a brother (June 12)
National Brothers Day is in June 12th
by @icamron_ June 11, 2018
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Starting on June 1st, National Brothers Day with begin from now on.
“Hey are you going to get your older brother a present for Big Brothers Day?”
by Mcdulin May 12, 2019
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April 25th, The day of the year where you celebrate your gay brother(s) and brother-in-law(s)
Mom: are you going to wish your brother a happy National Gay Brother day? It was difficult for him to come out so we should celebrate for him.

Me: Yes I will wish him a happy National Gay Brother Day
by Queers-R-Us April 25, 2022
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It’s a celebration By 2 Nigga’s for a whole century that don’t know how to act and they get together and smoke and Drink Hennessy until they drop And they tell each other why they hangout while they steal from everyone in sight
We Just celebrated mud brother day and one of our friends got locked up
by Sex Maximum December 17, 2019
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