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A game played involving a pick-up truck and a broom as equipment and any number of white boys or men and any number of niggers. Ages are typically equal, though the number of participants is not important. The game is more prevalent in the southern states of America. It has declined with the proliferation of armed niggers. The older the pick-up truck and the number offset of the players (more niggers/less whites) make the game more fun and interesting. Broom-sticking is played almost exclusively on week-end nights.

The object of the game is for the group of whites to drive through the town, mostly where teens gather to “cruise.” One player drives and the rest ride in the bed of the truck. As the truck rounds corners, they look for groups of nappy-headed niggers standing on the corner. The white boy with the broom swings the broom, striking a nigger on the head. Which end of the broom depends on the level of play. The goal is for the pick-up to speed away without getting caught in traffic or breaking down before the group of niggers catches them or shoots them. Shooting is a more recent rule introduced to the game. The winner of the game is when the niggers finally catch the white boys and whoever walks away is the winner.
James: Hey, why don't we pick up Robert and go down to the loop and do some broom-sticking?

Joel: Broom's already in the Chevy, let's go wack us some niggers!
Amos: Lez gessum 40's 'n chill atda corner.

Andy: Sh'nuff
by Buttwheat55 December 12, 2011
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The act of screwing someone over. Likened to being 'brutally penetrated by a broomstick.' Other variations of the word are 'Broomsticked', which is the past tense verb, and 'broomstick', the present tense verb.
"WHAT!?!? No more coffee? Why don't you just bend me over and broomstick me?!!"

You: "I just spat in her face while she was sleeping, and then left a hot pocket in her parents couch.
Friend: "Wow. That sounds like a horrible case of broomsticking."

You: "My boss dumped a load of files on my desk, and told me if they weren't done by tomorrow, i'm not only fired, but he's gonna wipe his ass with my last paycheck."
Friend: "Whoa. Broomsticked."
by Rick Ballard November 13, 2011
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The act of placing a broom out on the front porch to signal that your spouse is gone on deployment. This was a signal that you were horny and looking for sex or you where whoring yourself out for some extra cash. This was predominantly practiced on the NAS Lemoore before important people caught on to the practice.
Sailor Jimmy: so I was driving through housing yesterday and Captain smith house always has a broom on the front porch.

Sailor billy: yeah man, his wife is broom-sticking. While the old man is away, she does sexual favors for money.
by Mr. squeaky butthole July 08, 2018
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To strike one's broom on an adjacent neighbour's wall or ceiling or floor to tell them to shut the fuck up.
The neighbours were fucking so loud I took the broomstick and banged it on the ceiling and yelled, "Shut the fuck up!" I gave them a good broomsticking.

I was laughing so hard at three o'clock in the morning that my downstairs neighbour started broomsticking me.
by Rheo May 22, 2011
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The practice of making a dedicated, hardworking coworkers job needlessly more stressful than it has to be. Derived from the sadistic and cowardly practice of poking a broomstick or similar object deliberately through a fence to taunt a person or animal who is in no position to fight back.
Tom: Hey Bill, I just gave Charlie a good broomsticking!
Bill: What did you do"
Tom: I was busy and Charlie looked bored so I told him his project assignment deadline was Wednesday but it really is Friday.

Bill: Man thats bullshit!
by Schticktothefacts July 19, 2011
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