She is the most beautiful girl you can ever think of. Her smile is everything you ever want. Her eyes are the most beautiful things you can get lost into and her personality is the best in the world. She is loving and caring to the one she loves which is meee. But on the real she is everything to ones eyes. She is a sexy ass girl to be real. But for real though she can be your world the best girlfriend you can ever ask for. She is the most gorgeous girl you'd ever want. Shes funny and weird..but thats what makes her so funny tbh. She is the whole world. Shes everything anyone can ask for and everything I can ask for. Shes the world to me. Her kisses are life and hugs are..also life buut on the real she is the most beautiful girl anyone can ask for. I love her..
"I love Brooke so much.."
by Menace13 September 11, 2016
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A blonde girl, who loves to dance. She gives her heart out to guys way too easily, but she doesn't get walked allover. She has good abs because she never stops laughing. She can be really immature, but she knows when to be serious. She is fo' sho' not a slut, but she is a prep. Can't sing worth crap. Guys think she's hot, she is. She's been waiting on this one certain guy, he hates her. He screwed up. She's a SEXY BEAST!
Look at how much fun Brooke is having.

by Optimus Stream December 27, 2009
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Noun (see emotional, emo) an object with the soul purpose to ruin the life of another

1. to be knocked up in an RV, or a camper of some sort
2. to go from an extremily happy state of being, down to an emotional piece of shit
"you just got brooked in that winnabago."

"why is Janis acting so gay, is she brooking on us?"


"why do we even call her amanda, she is starting to become a brooke."
by rob cyclops November 23, 2006
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Mistrustful bitch that will leave you without thinking how it affects your feelings!
Dude: Whats up?
Brooke: I'm leaving for no reason
Dude: Starts listening to emo music and cries
by Anon2143557642 May 12, 2010
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Shes that bitch, the on that will snatch your man whilee you aint lookin, then laugh cause she did it to piss you off, the one thats pullin them boys, even when shes go her hair tied &; chillin with no make up on, the girl with that get right or get left attitude, the girl that has that i can do anything im all that and a fuckinn chocolate chip cookie attitude, the girl when ever life gives her lemons she throws them back and says "where the hells the water and sugar? This shits still goinn to suckk hahaa.", the girl that knows how to have fun, shes the only thing that better than fly, &; whats that? Yepp you guessed it, errrrr.
Well I mean... shes Brooke...&; your just...you.
by BrookeDuhhh. June 27, 2010
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A beautiful girl that thinks boys are weird and hate it when friends talk behind her back. She also likes cleaning other people's houses
Brooke CLEAN
"Ok" fun!
"K" I'll be upstairs if you need anything
"So I'll be done in like 30 minutes"
by Lookatdisney July 07, 2016
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1) A sister from another mister
2) One of greatest friends possible
3) Pretty hot, but not as hot as Iain :P
5) Little Miss Giggles
6) Queen of the Fairies
7) (Brooking) To masturbate :P
Unlike Iain, Brooke is not too cool for an example :P (i'm so mean!(

1) Hey Brooke!
2) You're a real Brooke
3) Whoa! Did you see that brooke back there?!
4) Not applicable to specific example
5) " "
6) The Brooke used her magical powers to make on of the best parties ever
7) Brooke cannot stop brooking herself
by ICE2008 December 15, 2008
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