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A very peculiar creature with a large body and relatively small wings. Brood mother harpies love to reside in libraries, and often read books. They rarely leave their terriotory, often lingering on the same furniture for hours. During winters, they are commonly seen wearing their crown of motherhood. These creatures are so full of eggs that they cannot fly, and also eat large amounts of food. Very aggressive, it is not advised to initiate a conversation with one, let alone encroach on its territory. Reports have shown that they capture certain animals, such as hogs to tend to the nest. The hogs usually pick out and eat the runts of the brood. For millenia, the harpy has been the sign of strong will, as there is no reported victory in arguing, since the harpy never admits its stupidity. Brood mothers are also known to make allies with enemies of the cyborgs, including their strangely close ties with potatoes, toads, hogs, and albino cannibals. They loathe bagels, raisins, cyborgs, and most other creatures. Cyborgs are especially hated since they find killing the crying chicks and breaking their skulls exceptionallly fun.
I found a Brood mother harpy, and I instantly knew that I should run away. Not only did she have the crown, but a hog was on patrol, guarding the nest.
by Flying Sauccer December 18, 2009
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