Old men who jerk off to My little pony characters
"Bro we cant be friends. Your a brony"
by LambieHD December 3, 2020
a male fan of the TV show my little pony: friendship is magic. some are chill, some are toxic, some are questionable, you name it.
brony: hi, do you watch my little pony? you'll like it!

person: isn't it for little girls?

brony: just trust me, it's so good.

*minutes later*

person: wow, that was AWESOME!
by rick animation February 23, 2022
A Brony is a person, often males but can be females too, who watches the show My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic.
There are several types of bronies. Most of them are nice but there can still be some other kinds of them.A lot of people find them very childish and thinks its weird for grown people to watch a little girls show. But, bronies are just like others..normal humans.

Plural : Bronies
Person : Are you a Brony?
Brony : Yea I am. I watch the show My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic.

Person : The Bronies must be pretty happy now since the MLP Movie just came out.
Brony : Oh of course we are! The movie was awesome and you can go check it out if you want to!
by TheUnknownSomeone286 November 6, 2017
1. Creepy adult man without children who watches and is a fan of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Some of them are just sex predators and the rest of them are 30 year old men who are mentally 8 year old boys.
2. Adult men who become addicted to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic because of the fact that they have daughters and their daughters like to watch it and the dad ends up watching it too and eventually he gets used to it and even starts to like it and become a fan of it.
I saw a bronie at they store yesterday and he was buying my little ponies.
by Very cool band kid named Jimmy November 4, 2020
by BHEEM BANTAI November 23, 2021
1. A misspelling of brony: a fan of My Little Pony. Or farm tools – harrows.
2. Weapons.
1. I hate this site, it’s full of bronies.
2. W grze dostępne są różne bronie, w tym także tak wymyślne, jak na przykład miotacz plazmy.
by Jendrej August 13, 2017