Used to describe effection towards another male, without homosexual connotations. Fusing 'brother' and 'boner'.
Leonardo DiCaprio is such a dude, gives me a broner.
by TheBroner March 21, 2014
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When "bro's" hang out and don't score with the ladies and/or partake in mainly homosexual-esque activities.
Person 1: Have you seen Craig's group of dickheads hanging out over there?!
Person 2: I sure have, what a group of broners!!
by Ginner-Gravy June 29, 2011
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When a male has too much admiration or rather an obsession(infatuation) for a male friend. For example excessive talking about the bro, bragging on his behalf, over complementing of the bro, sees bro as a godlike figure. In the mind of the subject, the bro can and will be able to bag any girl he desires and win every fight he encounters.

Synonyms: man crush, bromance, its not gay unless you touch it, excessive hugs, ass slaps.
Bro 1: I fucked this 10 last night dude!
Bro 2: I wouldn't expect anything less from a GOD. (Bro 2 has a Broner for Bro 1 )
by Mike & Dirty G March 04, 2019
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A friend that you love but constantly dissapoints you.
Man I love fred but he keeps fucking up. Yeah what a fucking broner
by Xycomi December 20, 2018
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A noun used to describe the emotional excitment towards a bro. Similair to Bromance.
"Hey bro do you want to come over and drink beers and play COD?" "Man I just got the biggest broner"

"Just went to Ambercrobie and bought some new polos, got the biggest broner right now!"
by OtherSquib February 22, 2012
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