A bromo is a straight guy that considers his friendship with his boys as a "bromance". While this may be considered "homo" to other straight guys.
GirL: Yo, did you see the new show on MTV called "Bromance"?

GuY: Hell no!! Those guys a freaking bromo's!!
by meghan = buttacup<3 January 23, 2009
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Cross between bromance and homo. Refers to close guy friends who do everything with each other except screw. Can also refer to the prefix of the halogen atom bromine.
Zack and John have a real bromo going on.
Let's be bromos and masturbate together.
Write the structural formula for bromobenzene
by dr. nim July 11, 2010
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A combination of the words "bro" and "homo". This word can be used as an insult or to describe an individual with a bro type personality that goes byond the average bro type personality. *Please note that the " homo" part of bromo is not describing someone that is homosexual but rather someone that is annoying or over the top whatever the individuals sexual orientation may be.
That jerk at the frat party was such a bromo.
by Asiko October 13, 2015
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A movie designed for guys to watch: The polar opposite of a chick flick. Car wrecks, explosions, bad language, guns, girls, death and destruction. No deep characters, no "will they won't they?" bullshit and definitely not based on a true story. Unless that story is a war of some description.
My girlfriend wanted me to watch Les Misearables, I said "baby I don't want to be miserable in French or any other language. If I watch this then we have to watch at least 2 bromos to make up for it."
by Jack Aubrey May 22, 2013
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A friend who is like a Brother from another Mother
I'm going to chill with my BroMo's!
by Joshie Josh September 09, 2011
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