When bros become homos.

2 x bro+homo= BROMOS
lawrence and colin used to be such good friends, but now they're just bromos.

Shawn is totally trying his bromo moves on brad.
by themostbubblewrapever.yeah. November 20, 2009
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A 101 KGB stunt boy known for wearing thongs, running naked, and denying that he is gay. Also likes to give people pieces of his food, candy, gum, etc. Says "crud" alot....
Look at Bromo in that tuxedo thong. He sure is gay, crud.
by JayPeePee November 11, 2008
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Bromo is a word used to describe when two guys do something that could be perceived as a very homosexual act that might require the usage of the term "no homo", but instead because they are bros they casually play it off by combining the terms "Bro" and "No Homo". It is commonly used on the social media website Twitter in the form of "#Bromo".
Swuzz and Tick are two bros playing beer pong. Swuzz throws up a shot and on the follow through he accidentally grabs Tick's dick. They look at each other awkwardly, Swuzz turns and sees that he made the shot in the last cup. He says," Damn, that wet." Then turns back to Tick and they high five and simultaneously say "#Bromo".
by Swuzz the Samurai April 01, 2013
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if something may be considered homo, but bromo is used it is equivalent of saying no homo in the aforementioned situation
Coleton: yo you got some ash on your face
Texas dude: what?
Coleton: lemme get it *with napkin* no homo
Jarren: its bromo, like no homo with a bro
by Jazzy_J November 14, 2010
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A male person who is sexually attracted to his own brother.
Person 1: Hey, did you hear about Jimmy kissing his brother?
Person 2: Yeah, he's such a bromo!
by rykall December 21, 2009
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The ambiguously gay hipster whose friendship with his bro's is just a little too close. Seen wearing skinny jeans, v-neck, fixed gear, and an intense affinity for dick (sometimes on the dl).
"Why didn't the three Bromo's in Nick and Nora's Infinite playlist live near ME in Highschool?"
by aqwrdmusings December 25, 2009
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A homosexual male that exhibits one or more qualities of the stereotypical "bro" persona (e.g., loud, obnoxious, muscular, white-upper-middle-class fashion sense, etc.)
Damn! Look at the jorts and Sperrys on that bromo. I don't know whether to ask for his number or his fashion advice.
by yodefr01 April 25, 2017
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