'''Broken Hearts Day''' is the day after February 14th, aka, Valentines Day. This is the day where all of the people who did not get a Valentine, did not have a girl/boy-friend for Valentines Day, or the 5150 (crazy people) all have mental breakdown or pity party for themselves. Subsequently, this is also the day to celebrate being single if not in any of the previously mentioned situations.

This day is celebrated by either agonizing over their circumstances, attempting or committing suicide, or admitting to the nearest community hospital to the lament of the Emergency Department Staff.
BROKEN HEARTS DAY: Your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Cousins, Siblings, Children, Friends, Enemies, Haters, Lovers... Basically everyone on the planet.
by nursingZombie February 16, 2012
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March 14th will be “Broken Heart Day”
Broken Heart Day
This is for the sad people or the people that’s always in their feels.
This is the opposite of Valentine’s Day.
by Trey Hill February 14, 2020
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