Mainly used as knives to stab another person in a bar fight.
My grandmother once referred to a broken bottle as a nigger knife.
by angelorox August 15, 2006
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A person on dating sites like POF who is broke, indecisive, dishonest, sometimes married/separated, old and has toddlers, broken, selfish, cheap, fat, selfish, and ugly. Bottom feeders. They don't have any self-respect and they'll shag anything that throws them crumbs. (This type infests POF.)
I went out on a date with a broken bottle who didn't have a car, money, and he smelled likes last night's sex.
by Nomorecheapskates April 11, 2015
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something that is unwanted or no longer useful.
explanation: a bottle with a broken top will be thrown away along with its contents because the bottle can no longer be used and the content is contaminated with sharp bottle pieces.
An old cripple is like a broken bottle top, unwanted and useless.
by AAAnwar July 06, 2009
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