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n. Sexual injury occuring when the man misses the woman during vigorous intercourse, bending his Unit while still fully Erect. Sometimes the woman can be injured in the process as well. The worst senario is when the woman is Riding the man and bends the mans Schlong all the way back to it's base. Usually a Broken Boner is accompanied by sobbing, fainting and, in extreme cases, Barfing and trips to the ER.

Could cause permanent damage, leading to Crooked Dick
"Aaaaaaaaahhhhh... broken boner!!!"
by <--Beavis--> February 28, 2006
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A broken boner is a comic relief, drunk studder fall that is performed to lighten the mood of athletes before a game or practice.
it starts out when an individual walks like they are drunk, then falling on his or her side kicking their legs back over their body followed by a great stiffness that runs through their body so that their back is arched and bowed
by jeef leatherman September 18, 2003
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