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A person who hustles daily on their craft, sacrificing common "luxuries" (Starbucks, eating out, new cars, clothes, etc) in order to manifest the life they've always dreamed.

Any one whose mastered the art of "delayed gratification", whether 3 years old or 93, is a broke futurist.

A person who has a lot of cryptocurrency but not a lot of fiat (usd) = Broke Futurist
"I'm tired of Tron never coming out with us, why does he work so much?"

"because Tron has some big fucking dreams and isn't satisfied with just getting... he's a broke futurist."
by Jack Brite June 11, 2018
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People who prosper daily... when you catch up with them twice a year they always have something new going on...

They don't know shit about Game of Thrones but if you have an idea to start a business, they'll shepherd you all the way to the profit land.
What the fuck is a Broke Futurist??

Remember that guy from HS who didn't grow up wealthy but now you see him in Lamboz & PJs...? That's a Broke Futurist.
by Jack Brite June 11, 2018
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