being broke; not having money,
Aye usify wanna go to the store, yea but I don't have money :( buy me some, nah das broke boys
by Usify March 06, 2014
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A person who has a broken jumper and still decides to pull, a bum, or a person who dongoofs.
I just trashed young bull in 2k, he's a NBA Broke Boy.
by BryceBands April 15, 2017
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A diet of broke boys who can only
Supply weed and liquor for survival. They can't take their significant other to fancy restauraunts because they can't afford it.
Me: hey Ashley , you should double date with me and Ron.
Jenny: I can't. My boyfriend has me on a broke boy diet
by Lolamonroe July 08, 2013
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When your broke so you use a king size snickers bar wrapper that you found on the street in place of condom.
I got snicker stank dick after using a broke boy condom on my mom last night.
by U_Luv_Boobs January 30, 2019
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Used to describe when a Toronto man has reached the lowest level of broke, where they have more school debt than income, and can no longer flex their OSAP money. Usually used when someone tries to explain the level of their brokenness.
Girl: Bae can we go out to eat?
Boy: You tryna spot me?
Girl: What... you usually always pay
Boy: Facts, and that's why i'm broke boy gang rn smh,
by swaveyxz038 September 10, 2018
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