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The act of being crazy, old, fat, semi-retarded, and socially unacceptable in most social circles.

Symptoms Include:
2.Wearing Flowered Button Up Shirts
3.Hanging Out With The Librarian
4.Having A Dazed Look On Your Face All The Time
5.Being Dazed And Confuzed All The Time
6.Wearing A Harley-Davidson Shirt To Be Cool, Even Though You Have No Bike
7.Yelling At People Or Objects Who Aren't There
8.Despising Charleton Heston For Portraying Mark Antony Incorrectly
9.When poked In The Stomach You Laugh And Giggle
10. You Laugh At Your Own Unfunny Jokes
11.When you Describe Yourself As A "Studmuffin," Even Though 99.% Of The Female Population Find You Replusive
Paul practiced Brokawlism and didn't even know it. After he gained 600 pounds and had a tricycle wreck, the semi-retarded, 57 year old, fat bastard was banned from the public pool. He wore a flower shirt and no pants, and went around mumbling about Charleton Heston playing Mark Antony. All the law abiding pool patrons could do nothing but gawk in horror and call the proper authories.
by Muff Mufferson May 19, 2007
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