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Bro-Like Poetry, often about lax, cod, nati lite, dome or a combination.
I was chillin, drinkin with my bros at home
When me slampiece came over and gave me some dome

-Broem of Broetry
by shnagroot October 10, 2011
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writings of bros by bros for bros put into one book that is often referred to as "The Bible of Bromocracy". It is filled with definitions of words that have been bro-created. Such words would be bromance, brosef, brotection, bro-b-que, and bromosexuality.
Hey have you seen the new edition to Broetry? its brotastic
by brosef Dan August 31, 2008
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The lyrics of a hip-hop song, designed to appeal to the "bro" crowd.
He a homeboy; he writin' broetry for puttin' to music.
by parmesan002 August 24, 2010
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