Brock is defined as a pussy. He’s know for getting his ass beat by a squad of close friends. Brock is also an attention whore who is a homosexual reidiot. Best place to find a Brock would be on a lake in a Pontiac G5 with a fried clutch. Shouldn’t be too hard to find
Isaiah socked Brock in the face in the target parking lot.
by Squad roasts $ May 19, 2019
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Has bugs in hair
Look at all those bugs, Brock must be around
by MJY0834 December 16, 2019
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Brocks are usually short, and often have light blonde or red hair colour. Brocks typically have no personality, and generally are the cronies of a bully or just a plain annoyance who follows people around. Brocks are usually actually very smart in their own way, but are typically the kind of kid that your mom tells you to be nice to.
6:13 PM Today•Edit
Ted: "oh my gosh brock wont stop following me"
by Whack Lad4000 December 13, 2020
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