A complete fucking loser. Guy has absolutely no friends, has the biggest penis on the world just dosent know how to use it. Thinks that he is so cool but I’m reality is just an asshole everyone feels bad for
by Whjskfk ii December 13, 2019
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Small pp. likes sharpies up the bum. And sends “accidental” dick pics to group chats
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by Edp69420gangbang November 11, 2020
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A term for Someone you have no respect for bcz they’re stupid . The term Brock is commonly a name and let’s all be honest we know a douchebag named Brock
Yeah ok Brock “
by Duck gear April 15, 2020
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Past tense: Brocked

Present tense:Brocking
The term Brock originates from the name of the notorious rapist, Brock Turner. Brock was convicted of raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster, but served a mere six months for his barbarity. To be Brocked or to Brock another person is to; take advantage, steal, or rape another person with the inherent knowledge that one will ellude sufficient consequence based on the perpetrator's preferrable socioecnomic status.
Guy 1: Did you see the video of Cullen raping that girl last night? Police were shown the video and he was arrested.
Guy 2: Oh shit, she got Brocked. We all know his dad paid the last judge under the table to bail him it out of his seventh rape.
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by HOWBROWNDOWNTOWN September 08, 2019
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An attractive male with tan features. A little too self-absorbed in himself, but is oblivious to it. Posts pictures of his body because he THINKS that's what everyone wants to see. He believes that he is a nice guy but is actually a player. A bunch of girls tend to get crushes on him, and he takes them in, along with the other girls he finds attractive. He can actually be sweet sometimes, but when he's feeling cute, he has to let the world know how hot he is (when no one actually cares). He can be the most frustrating person in the world at times, which makes you want to slap him. On an occasional good day, he can give you butterflies.
"I can't believe you're going out with Brock. He's such an asshole sometimes."
by Anonymous10101011111 June 18, 2019
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He is a Giant dick and I always an annoying bit a terrible friend and I hate that bitch he is also Gay and sucks dick Juarez that bitch
by Brocks Brother June 07, 2020
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