EAST MIDLANDS DIALECT slang. both verb and adjective. Brock means broken.

Similarly, Breck is a verb which means to break something.

Brock can be substituted by the word "Bost" (burst) when referring to balloons, tyres or milk cartons etc

But, Breck or Brock are not used generally when referring to having a break from something or using the brakes on a vehicle, these similar sounding words are always said in their original English form eg. 'I'm having five minutes break' or 'slow down and put your brakes on'

East Midlands dialect is very diluted in modern speech and to a large extent, is dying out, so these words are considered 'common' sounding nowadays. A lot of words spoken in the E.Mids region of England have Danish origins. The author D H Lawrence, himself an Eastwood man would have been very familiar with the word 'brock' and its use in the vernacular.
1. CONVERSATION OVERHEARD IN AN ILKESTON PUB : "I bought me son one of them there new smart phones for his birthday...he's only had it five minutes and brock it already.
so, I took it back to Argos and they asked me what were up with it an I said "I dunno its brock, it needs mendin".
They said: who brock it d'you know?
I tode em tharradint.
They said "Did you breck it?"
I said "I dint breck it, I oppened the box and it were already brock"
they said orate, and that thid gerrus a new un out the back, but I thought He'd only goo an breck that one an all, so I gorrim a telly instead, but now he's got munk-on cos he wanted a phone."

2. A SIMILAR CONVERSATION: "I seen a fate on Ilson Market last nate...two pissed-up blokes knockin seven bells a shit out each other...Ones ot his swede the other brock his nose. Coppers ad to breck it up. They shook 'ands on it though after and watched two boilers scrappin over their handbags"

3. MAN BOASTING OF HIS DESTRUCTIVE POWERS: " When I breck sommat, it stays brock."
by Mr. Cunninglinguist August 31, 2013
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Usually Brock is a male name, usually a white male.

To Brock something is very different. This is in the case when one gets too drunk to hang, so they disappear without notice, most of the time to go fall asleep in said one's bed. You can also use it when one disappears from a bar or club (or anywhere) without announcing their destination, usually in this case it is because the "Brock" has no idea themselves.
"Where did Ryan go?"

"Oh, he pulled a Brock, I have no idea... maybe he's sleeping under that car again."
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by bho310 July 26, 2020
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Originating in Derry Ireland, ‘Brock’ is Derry slang for shite
You can also use the term ‘Brock lesnar
Example: Rangers fc are pure brock
by 100% gutsied December 13, 2019
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a boy who takes you on dates and when it comes time for the magical sleep over, he lied there all night on his back refusing to make a move, even after you insist you don't bite, and forcing you to make the alternative walk of shame, confessing to your roommates the next morning that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED...
I don't have a cuddle buddy... I have a Brock.
by adisspointedgirl December 11, 2018
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Brock is one of the best people you'll ever meet. When you're with him, you’ll immediately be drawn to him and his great sense of humor. He'll tease you and always make you laugh using his hilarious and adorable way of expressing himself.

He has the most radiant smile and adorable laugh. When you see him smile, you can’t help smiling back. His eyes are a beautiful blue that gets stuck in your head. If you’re his girlfriend, you'll feel so lucky to be his. Just thinking about him will drive you crazy, even if he doesn’t try

He's cute, funny, kind, talented, athletic, quirky, and a constant joy to have around. He's the easiest person to talk to. When you're with him, you'll have the greatest time ever. Even a little conversation while passing by or a random little text will get you stuck in La La Land and brighten your day more than 50 fresh memes 😂

Brock is the best thing that could happen to you, and no one should tell you otherwise. He better know how much he means to you!❤️😘
Brock do be lookin' hawt tho, ngl...😏😏😏
by DefinitelyNot Annie February 05, 2021
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