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gay fag who smells and is a realy bad friend... kant stand her at all... she is the meanest person... its really a shame.
ewww brittni is an ugly fag.... i kant stand her!
by -person April 01, 2005
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this is one hot chick at memorial! she has the best ass ever it is like j-lo's times 2! she has a bangin bod! i wanna make out with her so bad! she is an amazing kisser and she is fun to bang!
wtf are you waiting for go bang her now
by some guy March 29, 2005
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This is britts best friend the person who is saying that there name is
-person should go screw your dad kas you know none of that is true and im sure the rreason why your saying that is kas you dont have any friends or anyone else to tell your feelings to. and just to let you know "-person" brittni is the best friend anyone could ask for so dont be dissin her biotch! so suck on that, iyi iyi iyi iyia <mean girls>!
bad friend: i hate that girl brittni emery she should die
good friend (me): shut the hell up you look like a man and your a lesbian dont talk like that its not healthy.
bad friend: your not healthy your fat
good friend: id rather be fat then look like a man and be a lesbian like you! so suck on that iyi iyi iyi iyi iyia!
by kristen April 02, 2005
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