brittany , an european country between britain and france.
people in brittany seems to be sort of englishmen who speak french, but cuss in breton (a sort of welsh)
national sport is speak of brittany, national viril sport is cussing between breton
in brittany
"mont a ra mat" = "how are you" in breton language

by tugdu October 20, 2005
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Fantastic, green, and in charge. Hulk-like, except powered by green skittles, rather than rage. General awesomeness is assumed.
Wow, is that the hulk?
No, even better, it's a Brittany!
by Mars_with_Peanuts February 03, 2010
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The best person you could ever wish to know, sweet lovable and kind, they will always try to help out when they can, and are random and fun. Beautiful but insecure at the same time, they defiantly require priority among your friends if you are lucky enough to have one in there.
"Man I wish I could have a Brittany as a friend"
"She's to good for you to even have as a friend bro"
by Kotah December 03, 2011
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the type of person who often daze off in a middle of a convosation...you talk shit bout her she wont give a dam not unless its about her family then your in for it...shes the type of girl that is beautiful smart funny blonde at times buht no1s complaning...
man brittanys dad is gay...

dude you wish you never went there
by blondpoweroflove March 05, 2009
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A beautiful, cute, funny, smart and is the most sexy girl in every way. She seems sweet and innocent on the outside in general public, but whoever dates a Brittany is going to have a sexy and wild girl who wants to have fun when alone with her ;) She is the true real life Wonder Woman. Every guy wishes they had a Brittany. She needs a real man or she'll break an Average person.
Guy 1: "Hey is 'Guy 3' dating Brittany?!"

Guy 2: "Lucky Bastard! I want a Brittany!!!!!! ALL CAPS RAGE!!!!"
by Th@t1@siangUy July 13, 2011
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easily the coolest person ever. is blonde, has big boobs, and has legs for days. oh yeah, and is ridiculously smart and has amazing taste in music. (synonyms: God, perfection. antonyms: lame, skanky, boring)
"damnnnn that girl's amazing. I really wanna boom boom dance her." "yeah dude, she's a total brittany"
by b to the pizzle February 03, 2010
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