Compared closely to Dr.Jeckell Mr. Hyde. A narcissistic sociopath who prays on her closest "friends." Will steal the shirt off your back and deny involvement. Most selfish person you will ever meet. No sense of loyalty or responsibility. This could be caused by her amphetamine psychosis. It's real. If you see a Brittany do not approach. If she steals cash from friends she won't hesitate to steal your children. She will do an amazing job trying to convince you she cares for you. In reality she is not capable of connecting on a human level. She has all the signs and tendencies of a serial killer. Beware.
Hey! That's Brittany's hand in the tip jar again!
#bitch #selfish #hideous #coniving #malicious #pathalogical liar #junkie #karmas a bitch
by Rason May 12, 2013
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She is easily excitable, not very good in bed but still stands assured that she is. Will have sex upon meeting a person. Not a very good best friend. Big ass. Not very head to get over. Hateful. Going nowhere in life. Lazy. Liar. Manipulative. STD Haven.
My best friend's name is Brittany.

Wow you're the only one who would say that in public.

I have this really bad itch......
Guess you had sex with a brittany
by madamvengence November 04, 2011
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Total and utter bitch. Shes liked, but not truely. Shes also a slut, and seeks attention. You do not want to be friends with her. You'll just get hurt.
Shes a brittany.
I know, i slept with her last night.
by StepOff March 15, 2011
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Best girl in the world! She's selfish for one person and she hates people who touch him/her. She can be an angel or the devil. Overall the bestest girlfriend ever. She cares for you, she loves you, she can be popular. You would be blessed to have her as your friend. She's the most beautiful girl you would ever meet. This is Brittany.
Friend: Brittany is so amazing.

Me: yeah she's so beautiful.
by I love pandas May 25, 2017
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She is so pretty and cute. She loves everyone around her but whenever she's in a bad mood she wants to kill everybody. She often thinks about how her life sucks, but then she loves her life out of no where. Has trouble making friends and interacting with others. All she wants is to have a lot of friends to be happy. :)
OMG I meet Brittany and she was so sweet and beautiful!
by Killer360 July 31, 2017
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Best known as brittanyseymone . The prettiest girl in Georgia .. more and likely took your daddy from you . She's a sugar baby who doesn't give sugar . She usually stunts on all her exes . dgaf what nobody thinks about her . Get you a brittany no other girl can compare .
by Badgalbrit March 13, 2017
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