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A school filled with weird ass kids who think they’re the shit and came from the hood but live in the suburbs. White kids who think they’re black and say nigga because they have “nigga friends.” Stuck up KIDS who act like they’re grown and disrespect anyone, loves to pick fights for no reason. A bitch ass school with the worst teachers. Black kids who act like every white person is bad. A RACIST ASS SCHOOL.
by Trinity Tigner duh March 07, 2018
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A school filled with kids who are depressed and rich. Ignorant little shits that don’t care about anything. They have a nice band thought. I guess they have that going for them. Other than that they are just a bunch of kids who think they are tough shit.
Friend- You know Brittany Hill Middle School. That shitty school in Blue Springs
Me-Oh yeah. It’s a shitty school, but they have a nice band.
by Jack Lee Dennis December 14, 2017
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