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The 'pre-daaah-mi-NENT' accent in Bristol County Massachusetts, especially stroo-ung in Fall River, Swansea, and, to a lesser degree, in Taunton, Norton, and Attleboro.

A bastard child of Tom Menino's Boston accent and Fran Drescher's Queens (New York City) accent.

To those from other parts of Massachusetts, the Bristol County accent is often mistaken for a Providence Rhode Island accent, with which it is somewhat similar, or even a New York/New Jersey accent.

New Yorkers have been said to mistake Bristol County speakers as being native Long Islanders who have spent most of their adult lives in white, inner-city Boston or 'pahts' of Maine.
My name's Joe Raaaahbinson. I was baaahn and raised in Foe Rivuh (Fall River) but have lived in Daaahchista (Dorchester Boston) fa ovuh faaaahty yeeiz.

Pay-pul from Foe Rivuh spake da Bristol Coun-tay ee-ax-ent (Bristol County Accent), ya no. Dem pay-pul ovuh in Noo Beffid New Bedford sound preddy diff-RENT, ee-nd kinduh ri-taah-did, if yuh aaaahsk may!

Some pay-pul in Daaahchista think I'm a Noo Yaaaahka just be-cooz I say caww-fay. Is that fried, ahhh what?!

Now, Dunk-yays has da best caww-fay, by faaaah. I caaahn't unda-stee-nd them pay-pul who aaaahda caww-fay from Staaah-buckz. Dat second sylla-bowl in Staaaah-buckz is appro-pree-yett, pun intendid.

Faaaaah daaaahliz faah a smoo-ell, paah-din may, shaaaaht, caww-fay. Dat's friggin ri-taaaah-did.

Fa faaaaah daaaahliz, I can put just enough gee-yess in my caaaah to drive from
Daaahchista down to my sistiz in Braaaaahk-tin. Tank gaaaaahd she duz-int live in Naaaahtin aah Addle-bwo aah, even waaaaahs, Swaaaahnzay. Den, the gee-yess wood coo-wust much maaaah!

Laaaahst yeeeuh, my ol' lay-dee and I went down to Flaaaaahrider for some aaah and aaah. It was very haaaaaht down they-uh, so when we went to break-fust, I aaaahsked fa a glee-ass of aaaaahrange joes. Dey make the best aaaaahrangez in Flaaaaahrider; dem Cal-ee-faaahn-yenz should stick to wine aah sumptum!

My ol' lay-dee, a Foe Rivuh gull tru ee-nd tru, aaaahsked fa a cup of tay ee-nd tha wait-RESS looked at huh like she was speaking Choy-nase aw sumptum. So my ol' lay-dee says to huh again, "cup of tay, plays." She finally gaaaht whut she aaaahdid!

Now, I gaaahta open anutha cee-an of Milliz and smoke anutha Pall Moo-al. Heee-ave yawself a nice day!
by A friend of Joe Raaaahbinson August 08, 2008
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