The greatest rugby league team the world has ever seen!!!
PERSON 1: who smashed the Bulldogs 72 -0

PERSON 2: Must have been the Brisbane Broncos
by nour eldine September 14, 2009
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The biggest cheating fucks in the Australian nrl.
Me watch the NRL: fucking bullshit that was a fucking try
Fucking bullshit cheating Brisbane Broncos favoring ref.
by Dravion September 2, 2018
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The most successful team in the NRL since their introduction in 1988. They have won 6 premierships and 4 minor premierships. They have qualified for the final series every year since 1991.
Guy 1: Oi brah, did the Brisbane Broncos make the finals this year.
Guy 2: Check the calendar fucktard. It's not before 1991.
by Ranga O_o December 13, 2009
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This involves 2 girls and a guy, the guy releases his baby yogurt into one of the girls and then the other sucks it out of her vagina with a straw
Morgan: Ohh Alicia I'm so thirsty
Alicia: Lets go to 7/11 to get a Slurpee
Phil McCraken: Oh I have a better Idea, I make a mean Brisbane Slurpee
by Phil McCraken1234 November 14, 2009
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the superior twitter groupchat. we're epic.
'wassup its the brisbane clitties'
'no its the brisbane bandildos'
by nihiilistblues April 29, 2019
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This is an effect that appears to take place commonly within the city of Brisbane, Queensland where a couple consists of the female being overwhelmingly more attractive when compared to her boyfriend.

This is usually identified as a reacher-settler relationship however with the difference being that the female is completely ignorant of the fact she is insanely better looking then her boyfriend.
Jarrod: Damn that guy is punching well above his weight, his girlfriend is gorgeous.
Matt: That's Brisbane Effect at its finest. She doesn't even know how much better she could do.
by purplegiraffe11 August 18, 2013
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Famous in Brisbane and similar to the potato chip, the Brisbane Snack Pack is a sexual act, at the point of ejaculation, the male pulls out both barbecue and sweet chilli sauce, and proceeds to create a 'snack pack' on the females tits. This can either be consumed straight away, or left to dry if she is not yet hungry. Can also be combined with the strawberry milkshake for a well rounded meal.
Paul: Yo John, why you limpin?
John: I just gave Jenny a surprise Brisbane Snack Pack and she kicked me in the nuts.
by FilthyCurry69 May 3, 2018
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