damn muhfuckaaaaa, iss dum brick outside, goddamn! my muhfuckin skin is crawlin yooo.
by Matt Sutch December 5, 2007
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When you get in an argument with someone and don’t speak with them for a certain amount of time
He pissed me off so now he’ll eat bricks until I get over it.
by Redrover November 7, 2020
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To buy and sell large amounts of mediocre shoes.
Whered Young Dirty get all dat damn money?!
Dat dove must be flippin bricks

I aint never seen no dove flip bricks like dat girl Che-Che
by Gutter & Slim June 27, 2022
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An individual who is so much of a cunt and jackass simultaneously that they send you into a gruesomely violent, homicidal rage
The guy who cut me off in traffic today was a real cunt brick
by GrungyBae November 17, 2021
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hard shit coming out of the human body, like really really hard.
in soviet Russia a gopnik was Russian to the bathroom and was shitting dark bricks
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A practice of slapping one's penis against the coarse brick wall, for sexual pleasure. The practice is said to have originated in Cincinnati, Ohio.
"Can you hear the knocks? That's him doing "dick to brick" against your wall", said Misha.
by Tabarnak77 February 22, 2021
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