so like imagine your mom but she's younger than you and uses A L O T of emojis. Usually the smart type but honestly could care less. Amazing at delivering comebacks but by the time she's on the 5th "did I ask" its kind of over. Minecraft fanatic yet seems to find the nether to be scarier than death itself. By the way if you think the over used emoji's are bad, then don't get me STARTED on her outdated neon-stock memes. Also NEVER and I mean NEVER play a round of evil apples with her. If you think she's going to play a wild card talking about, dumpy, her ass, or some volumptious cock then you'd be right. Overall a scary game night. If you need someone to stop you from doing stupid shit you should find a Briana.
don't be such a briana
by OllieIsDumb June 28, 2020
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Briana is the type of person who you think is really nice but then will secretly go behind your back and start gossiping about you. If you ever meet a briana you want to turn back now while you still can.
Briana said that Reyna cheated on Colin.
by Sashimi_lover May 08, 2017
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She sleeps with men to get impregnated. She asks for too much money just a baby. Basically she's a gold digger.
“She just wants his money!”

“She's such a Briana”
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Usually has brown hair and blue eyes but it’s also on the fat side she is not that pretty and also is shy around boys and some girls
Your such a Briana!
by Itsthatgirlbriana July 29, 2018
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