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Traditionally a white kid name, however there are some unfortunate african american Brett's out there that just don't desreve to be in this category. The Brett's out there with one "t" this definiton doesn't apply. You're just a whole other cup of tea that no one cares about. Someone with the name "Brett" is a complete and utter asshole, and dreadfully good-looking...most of the time. They are so cocky sometimes that they'll name themselves God or the king of all humans. When parent's name their child "Brett," it's usually because they had a feeling they'd turn out to be an asshole Only the most jewish of parents named their child Brett, and he is the superasshole. That's the one to watch out for. George Brett was an asshole. Brett Hull...asshole. Dennis Leary's middle name...Brett. Best two words to describe a Brett loud and obnoxious.
The kind of guy who will drink the last beer after he's had 15 already. Eat the last piece of pizza after he's had six slices. Scratches your favorite cd, than puts it back and denies ever seeing it. When someone is talking shit and they thinks it's behind that persons back but that person is in the same room, than tries to be all nice about it, that's a Brett talking.
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