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Brett Sanchez, A.K.A. "Manchez", "Dirty Manchez", "Dirrrrty Sanchez", "Little Bitch", "Corn Hole Eater"

n. - Punk ass bitch. Enjoys giving poop mustaches. Also enjoys receiving poop mustaches. Takes excessive showers and is overly-obsessed with the game console "xbox-360" and is notorious for ditching his friends to play said game console. Also takes excessive amounts of time to operate motorized vehicles. Essentially drives like an senior asian woman or bitch.
Brett Michael Sanchez likes men.

"Brett, you drive like such a bitch."
"Brett you don't need to take your fucking fifth shower today."
"Brett, suck my cock."
"Brett, you fucking 'nigga-lipped that bitch.'"

by Alex Joseph Lee December 28, 2007
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