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A douchebag who doesn't know when to quit.

Derived from Lou Gerig's disease

In 1939, when Gehrig sat for the first time in years after a streak of 2130 starts, the Detroit crowd gave him a standing ovation as he sat slumped in the dugout, his eyes welling with tears.

Favre's starting streak ending unlike Gehrig's after returning from countless retirements, to an awful season performance, a sexual harassment charge, and venom from the state that once loved him.

Favre was a douchbag to the very end:

“I heard people say ‘Hate for the streak to end like this,’” Favre said. “End like what? It’s been a great run.”

Only in your mind Brett, only in your mind.
Why is Dave at the club? Isn't he like, 45 years old? Everyone thinks he's a joke out there dancing like that.

I know dude, but be a little bit understanding. He's got a bad case of Brett Favre's Disease.

After Tom sent those pictures to Jenny after her constant ignoring of his text messages he realized a horrible truth; He had Brett Favre's Disease.
by lawlawlaw December 14, 2010
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