Brenda is a a funny loyal and trustworthy friend she is always there for you when you need her she will fight you so don’t try her. she’s beautiful and a amazing person in general and also a great best friend so go find you a Brenda even though the best one is taken
Them : Brenda’s my best friend

Me : I know you fucking lying that’s my best friend bitch
by Baddest bitch alive September 27, 2019
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A girl with black hair, and white skin (can look like alice cooper in a girly/ hot way)
Amazingly hilarious, very friendly, smart and retarded (in a good way)
Loves 60's - 80's music and hardcore or metal.
and actually thinks loud burps and games are cool, can beat you at guitar hero.
student: dude, whoes that chick with the black and white skin?

kidd; that's brenda fool, she's funny and has good taste in music
by pink_is_metal November 03, 2008
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A Word to describe a friend whos breasts are visible from space or can be used as weapons of mass destruction
That Girl over there looks well brenda init greg.

Her brendas are massive, the world better watch out!
by rusty182 May 01, 2009
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She is feisty. Don’t mess with her cause she’ll beat you up. She is beautiful asf and if you tell her she’s not, you’re in trouble! She’s really funny. Also very lazy but loves to eat. es una pinche cerda ; loves chismes!
omg have you seen brenda
no i miss her😞
via giphy
by Fine.wine 🍷 October 28, 2017
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