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"Emo Bro Ho"

A Bremo Ho has traits of an Emo and a Bro Ho (just like a Bremo except a Bremo Ho is a female Bremo):

- Likes the color black
- Like surfer/skater wear
- Likes some music that could be qualified as "depressing"
- Likes some music qualified as a "rock-rap" style
- Thinks some So*Cal items are cute
- Likes arm-warmers
- Enjoys dirt-biking and quad racing
- Probably dyes there hair two different colors at once
- Probably has some blood-red, purple, or blue streaks in their hair
- Might get their stomach pierced
- Might have multiple piercings on their face or chest
- Possibly might like big trucks

But of course... they may also have some of the degrading traits of Emos and Bro Hos:

- Cutting themselves
- Damaged hair
- Orange skin
- A beerbelly
- Smells like cigarettes/weed
Katie: Jeez, Yasmine has the taste of a Bro Ho but the style of an Emo...

Paul: I think she's just a Bremo Ho, you know?
by Arie Baby October 24, 2007
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