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An East Coast favorite commonly, but incorrectly, believed to have been derived from the Reverse Boston Creme. While being manually stimulated by his female partner, the man inserts as many strawberries as will fit into his partner's anus. When the female can no longer control her sphincter she drops strawberry dukie into one of her best serving dishes. At fruition, the man ejaculates atop the strawberries. The two then take turns enjoying the final product by feeding it to their partner one strawberry at a time using a spoon or, for extra credit, chop sticks.
Bud Collins was on the tube while we enjoyed our Breakfast at Wimbledung.

After explaining to my girlfriend this delicious morning treat, she replied, "I've enjoyed this before with blueberries, but strawberries adds a whole new dimension!"
by Pootro September 16, 2012
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