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In a form of tactical antidisestablishmentarianism, in which a mentaly disturbed male/female in a relationship, who does not wish to participate in the relationship thus further, therefore will excrete faecal matter over the other partners torso area,
thus for making the other partner either excrutiatingly sexualy aroused, or will drive them off with the doo-doo smell.
The Brownie has a 50/50 chance of either.
Scenerio #1:
Person #1: I Brownied you so good!
Person #2: Yerh, it made me so horny when did you learn that?
Person #1: Well i got another one cookin so ile show you tonight if you like ;)

Scenerio #2
Person #1: hahahahaha my shit smell good?
Person #2: Fuck you its over!!!
Person #1" FUCK YES!!! My Break-Up Brownie WORKED!, **thank you urban dictionary you saved my life** :)
by someweido April 19, 2009
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