When It's really quiet and suddenly someone makes a loud noise.
Break the silence with a fart.
by onyourkneesBitch May 20, 2010
People are uncomfortable with the fact that; "18-20 Veterans continue to take their own lives in the USA on a daily basis." No one want to talk about it. It's kept quite. While so many Veterans fight their own "Silent War" here at home trying to get their due benefits and or disability compensation while simply trying to readjust back into society.
We are Breaking The Silence in the Silent War that our US Military Veterans are still fighting right here at home...
by The G.R.I.P. Master March 1, 2023
When two people talk to eachother spontaneously after a long period of being mad at eachother or something else that doesn't allow the two persons 2 talk to eachother. Refers to how when intelligence vessels are forced to not use their radios so that their position can't be discovered. When these vessels do use their radios, it is refered to as "breaking radio silence." Breaking radio silence usually does not reestablish the relationship between those two people, it just allows one of them to retrieve valuable information that they need.
Me: (to ex girlfriend) Hey, I know I'm breaking radio silence, but I forgot Todds cell phone number, so can I get that from you?

Ex Girlfriend: Yah, sure, it's (123)-456-7890.

Me: Thanks!
by Simian Infernus August 5, 2009