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Up on a hill overlooking the beautiful smog of Southern California, Brea Olinda High School is the stereotype of a normal high school. Besides the fact that their sports teams are generally quite crappy with few exceptions.

The students are broken up into classic stereotypes with your jocks , cheerleaders , outcasts, nerds, emos, cholos, druggies, and somewhat normal people. The student body is mainly made up of white kids (most who think that they are the shit), a good handful of Asians and wannabe "gangster" Hispanics, and only sprinkle of black kids. The overall attitude of the school is quite snobby and prideful.

There are few traditions at BOHS. At the Rallys, a usually failed attempt to pump up the student body for an upcoming event, a kid in the audience will bring a beach ball and blow it up and hit it around causing the student body to go ballistic. However there is always that one kid who will hand it to a teacher or simply hit it down to the floor, causing the gym to erupt in "boos". Also there is a tradition that at different times in the Rally, a class, usually the Sophomores, will start a "Freshman suck" chant.

The staff at BOHS is almost non existent. They almost never enforce the Dress Code rule causing a large population of whore-ish looking girls, and also you will never see the "Higher ups" in the staff walking around. They tend to favor cruising around in golf carts with their shades, leering at passer bys to make it seem like they're doing something.
Felix: "Dude their football team sucks."

Greg: "What did you expect? They're from Brea Olinda High School."
by Former student of BOHS January 01, 2012
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It's a school on a hill. That should be enough to explain, but here's some more details...
It's a place where the staff drive around in golf carts so much you'd swear they were practicing for a real-life Mario Kart race. A place where they spend $4,000 on Operation: Russia instead of bettering the wi-fi and their technology. A place where the teachers go from being cool to strict by the end of the year due to how chaotic the place is. A place where pizza and fast food is delivered because the students spend overtime with their extracurricular activities.
The teachers are often a case of hit and miss. Some teachers are exceptional and actually make you want to learn. Some teachers make you wanna shank them. And others couldn't restore order if their life depended on it because they keep getting run over by a metaphorical car.
The rallies there also seem to be run by communists because no matter how much effort the others put in, the points always go to the Seniors. They could all ditch the rallies and still somehow win. Often, the best events end up being the performances in between of the major announcements, ranging to somewhat mediocre to pretty good.
Overall, it's okay. Not the best, but certainly not the worst.
Fun fact: There is one teacher who is universally hated by every sophomore that takes their class at Brea Olinda High School.
by HelloWorldUD March 28, 2018
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