Example 1: Those new Jordan’s go brazy
Example 2: That party was brazy
Example 3: I’m gonna down a 4loko and go brazy
by HeeshGreesh January 3, 2022
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Taaj commited an act daylight brazy and absolutely paahd.
by Xjxjxx May 8, 2022
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Brazy means a different kind of crazy , it could really mean any word that starts with B and make it into what you want for example baddie / crazy , bad/ crazy, bozo/crazy really anything
That girl go brazy : baddie, bad , bozo put together with crazy
by Goatedgurl777 October 3, 2021
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When something is beyond crazy/ blood way to say crazy.
That fight last night was brazy as hell.
by 6969LMAO December 17, 2019
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Boy: That test was brazy! It was so hard!
Girl: Beyonce last night was brazy! She was so damn good!
by vanessathephanessa March 9, 2018
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like crazy but with a B
guy 1: does a backflip

guy 2: dAaM He GoInG Brazy
by I_Got_Beans June 11, 2021
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