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A want to be punk, grunge, heavy metal group of homosexual, want to be famous, non talented, X-con, Neo Nazi, screaming monkeys, acting out their adolescents (well into their balding 40’s) wet dreams, and temper tantrums on stage, with one full set of teeth between the entire group. Followed by a handful of groupies consisting of what must be crack binging family members, indulging in this false reality with the latest drug on the block. No need to buy tickets to shows as you can hear the screaming and fighting two towns away. The lyrics, or lack of them produced by the lead singer, also often spewing santorum (from Norristown) appears to have wrote them on his mother's sofa while on a LSD binge, while also predicting the end of the world and running for his own reality. This guy couldn’t be any more flaming, really, have you seen him, he has flaming tattoos and as well as a tat of him having sex with his drummer, with a reach around from ma. In-between breast feedings from mom, this Neo Nazi cult uses government funds to continue to leach off of society and to fund their manager and camera crew/persons expenses. Do yourself a favor, stab yourself in both ears, rather than have to sit through another one of these want to be half ass, lack luster attempts at what they call a performance. On a positive note, we can thank the lead singer and his family for introducing the Norristown button down to the world! Thank you.
Brane Sik Lead singer: raaaaaaaaahhhh, dieeeee, eat, cheat steal, drugs, raaaahhhh..... we are hard core...

make me dinner bitch!
pay my bills bitch!
what you say bitch!
answer your phone now bitch!
by John Billll May 27, 2011
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