1.A comedic musician that makes others feel at ease.

Tends to form bonds that will be severed when those

bonds are not giving him more than he is returning.

2.To turn one's back on a good friend in their most

critical time of need.
1. It was all good when I was paying, but as soon as I ran out of money he was gone- pulled a total Brandon on me!

2. He got diagnosed with cancer and I was like "yeah thats just what I need to be dealing with" so I just gave him a Brandon.
by revscrj April 04, 2013
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The kindest person you will ever meet. Brandon will be there for you every day every second along the way. The dude with the biggest cock and the magic fingers. The good looking, intelligent, charming one. The one who makes you laugh constantly, the one with the maddest dancing skills on the planet. The one that will piss you off, but you'll love. A ledge.
OMG, he's such a Brandon!
by zooosha June 29, 2011
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An asshole who doesn't care about anybody's feelings and will dump a girl for no reason at all. Usually portugese and takes drugs. Also fails at academics.
girl: so..i hear you're single again?
brandon: yea, im sorry.
girl: why didn't you at least tell me?
brandon: i don't know. im sorry. i want a girl who lives closer to me.
by Watamelon May 27, 2009
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boy with curly long hair.
at his school hangs out with one girl and one boy.
loves skating with a passion, most girls do not think he is attractive. every now and then one girl will think hes cute.

a very shy person.
that brandon does not talk!
by cockapoo April 02, 2008
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a not so cute guy with an extremely sexy body, and a pretty big dick (a guy version of a "but her face"). Brandons often like to play girls, think they're cool, and be an all-around asshole.
Wow that guy's a Brandon, he's body is hot, I heard he has a big dick, and he played Lisa and Joanie at the same time, too bad he's ugly as shit.
by pbb2009 April 14, 2009
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