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Braiden Dunn is somewhat of a celebrity at Daramalan College. Known for his fantastic artistic talents and skills at debating, he is also one of the most gorgeous male students at the school. His contributions to the school have been varied, but everyday he spends at Daramalan, the sun seems to shine a little brighter there. He is one of the most trusting and loyal friends one could every wish for. If you had the honour of being friends with him, you would never, ever want to lose him.
Common usuage of Braiden Dunn's Name;

Person 1: Wow! Who is that guy? He is just simply amazing!
Person 2: Well, Obviously its Braiden Dunn, He is the most talented guy in the world!
Person 1: Oh, of course! How could I not have known?
by MissMethamphetamine August 31, 2010
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