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1. A beautiful angel who gave the best 11 years of her life to cracker barrel only to be let go without reason on her husbands birthday.

2. The glue holding Cracker Barrel together
1. Dude 1: "Hey bru wanna hit up Cracker Barrel?"
Dude 2: "naaaa bra, it's become a cesspool of dispair since brads wife was let go"

2. Girl 1: "would you like to donate 1 dollar to a worthy cause?"

Girl 2: "what's the cause?"
Girl 1: "100,000 dollars to take Cracker Barrel to court In an attempt to bring the franchise to its knees and to bring justice to brads wife"
Girl 2: " let me just grab some change (runs to nearest ATM, takes out every last penny)

3. *Gets Facebook notification* "Brad invited you to like his Facebook page ""1,000,000 strong against Cracker Barrel, justice for brads wife"" *ends up in a finger cast for hitting "like" too many times*
by Princesshoops March 25, 2017
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