A slang term a girl calls another person (specifically a male) when she has underlying feelings for them and wants sexual favors
Jenna : “ oh did you see that boy James yesterday ? “

Mia : “omgg yes, he was so hot”
by Jmac June 06, 2021
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Boys are often knows as the male specimen. Theyre dumb as shit, can be useless, and literally fuck up everything they do. Some are sweet, but others are a different type of human. They’re a different breed.
girl 1: omg look at that guy over there! he’s so hot!

girl 2: oh you don’t want him, he’s a total boy
by peopleareannoyinggg February 14, 2019
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A group of people (usually 4) with strong friendly relationships towards each other, likely doing regular to completely insane tasks together.
"Me and the boys at 2 AM lookin' for B E A N S"
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by CoolCooler October 25, 2020
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person 1: omg, boys are so stupid
person 2: ikr, they think with their dicks
by babyy j November 20, 2018
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