The parents were scared when the boy hurt himself on a hurdle.
by Ereck Flowers April 10, 2015
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- a friend whos like a brother
-blood brother
-someone whos there for you whenever you need them the most
-shows the most respect for/towards you all the time
-always has your back
-trusted and loved
by AJ Holland July 09, 2010
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The coolest family around. Better than everyone else.
David Boies is a Boies.
by David Boies February 06, 2004
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An androgenous youth who attains attributes that are stereotypes of the opposing gender.
She's cut off all her hair in an attempt to go boi-ish.
It seemed that every shirt he owned was a half-shirt that screamed 'boi'.
by k September 15, 2003
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A person who is dumb, says dumb things, and is always clueless.
Chloe is that boi.
by sike boi you thought December 17, 2017
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slang for your penis, kinda like when somebody calls it 'little me'
by B-Ville August 24, 2005
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