A very, very visible handsome boy that is not invisible and has a very, very big and visible cock
I'm a visible boy, don't you see?
by Some Internet Guy November 26, 2021
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An emulator used for a computer.
Best on Windows.
Person2: Don't worry, you can use visual boy advance on PC to play game boy games for free.
Person1: Really?
Person 2: Yeah!
by Super4AkaET March 29, 2020
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A Gba/Gbc emulator made for PC for loading ROMs to play with
Person1: Oh No, my Gameboy advance is messed up!
Person2: It's okay, introducing visual boy advance, Get it for free!
by Super4AkaET March 29, 2020
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A guy you should not trust. 1. He’s probably definitely a little fruity 2. He’s talking to many girls.

Not very loyal and very cocky guy
by Sl1m3s October 21, 2021
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