lyrics referenced from queen Lily Allen. basically talking shit to wannabe coders and haxors and trollz
I need a URL bad boy.
by copyrights @ HELIX May 1, 2018
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yeah you know that kid yeah? the wanna be gangsta with the cheap stunts (eg poppin up a bike tire, lighting a fire) then gettin caught and goes crying back to mommy
ey niam

yeah fam


nothin wanna pop a bike tire and lite sum fiyas?

nah blad stop being such a local bad boy

nah fam im ur local bad boi
by poggers? June 2, 2021
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1. A boy who radiates first love energy and is so dreamy
2. A boy or man who have a white skin, dimple, ofter do bread smile, can sing you lullaby, have nice body proportion, can dance, cook, clean, multilingual, have abs and most importantly, kind.
3. A person who have 'Jung' as his surname, 'Jeffery' as his english name when he used to study in america for four years and 'hyun' as his last name.
4. A person whom birtday is 14 february
Person A: Wahhh.... Jung Jaehyun is such a valentine boy
Person B: OMG!! You mean Jeffery!! The whole school love him!!
by Halleybullshit December 5, 2020
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A group from the fuckin car that has the most fucked parties
Yo bro u goin to the fuckin VAR BOYS party
by Smokedarts69 December 21, 2018
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When Two Or More Heterosexual Men Get Together For A Sexual Release, While Remaining Completly Straight.
Man i love the Variety Boys Club. Totally private, you get off and go home. No drama
by My-stuffedkitten February 20, 2019
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