when you have a defender that is "meat riding" you without actually playing defense
"Yo, let's play these niggas"

"nah man he play white boy defense"
by yxrick November 11, 2018
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LED lights, dual monitors, shitty star wars posters, broken chair, cans of red bull laying around, car full of trash, etc.
that crispy 1998 honda accord has a white boy ghetto aesthetic
by theredfieri August 24, 2020
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Music specifically designed for white people; music that white people love to listen to.
Jon: What's your favorite song?
Rick: I'm a fan of NSYNC.
Jon: Oh, so you like to listen to white boy jams?
by DoctorDont May 12, 2020
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So god damn privileged that they litraly have all the privileges in the world like damn get some problems
by Impasta kiwi January 11, 2022
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Involves kissing ass to people in power that can propel them up the social or corporate ladder. How white boys kiss ass for means of personal gain. White boys usually use this method leap frog each other and help each other out.
“Hey Bob was in the brought the manager muffins and coffee and was in his office for two hours!”….“You know that’s Bob white boy politicking for the promotion”

“Jamal has been white boy politicking with the supervisors at this work party the entire night, he didn’t even say what’s up to us smh”
by JB 63 July 20, 2021
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Knowing you have privilege and advantage. And being an inconsiderate jerk about it.
Did you see that kid staring down that senior, Native American guy? Man, he was white boy smug!
by Siralene January 25, 2019
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Signature white guy dance move. Typically used when dancing with a member of the opposite sex. As the partner moves close to a guy on the dancefloor he will tend to squat very low, with his groin somewhere in the region of her mid-thigh to kneecaps, and grind in her direction. It is appears to be highly uncomfortable and inefficient.
I tried to twerk this rump on his junk but he was "white boy squatting" and I wasn't trying to get that low in these heels. Way too much stress on the thighs.
by DoraWi August 12, 2017
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